BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)

AL, Rruga Egnatia, Durrës 2000, Albania
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BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) is headquartered in Durrës. The address of the BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) is AL, Rruga Egnatia, Durrës 2000, Albania.You can be contacted at +355 52 220 060 or find more information on their website: You can refer to a few comments below before coming to this place. There are 69 related addresses around BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) already listed on



AL, Rruga Egnatia, Durrës 2000, Albania
Place Types
+355 52 220 060
Compound Code
8C7X+FR Durrës, Albania
Opening hours
Monday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Tueday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Thursday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


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BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)
BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)
BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)
BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)
BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)
BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)
BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)
BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)
BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)
BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës)


How to contact BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) ?

- You can contact BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) by phone: +355 52 220 060

Where is BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) located?

- BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) is located at AL, Rruga Egnatia, Durrës 2000, Albania

How is BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) rated?

- BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) has 3

What days are BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) open?

- BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) is open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Is BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) open on Sunday?

- BKT Branch & ATM (Durrës) is not open on Sunday



Enriketa Konica 07/11/2019
terrible!!! they closed this branch at this location and opened another a few meters away. The new branch is terrible. No signs to show what is what. You withdraw numbers but there are no tablets to display the numbers. People cut in lines. the space is small, crowded and with no personal space to discuss with customer service. everyone sees and hears all the conversations. You can see the documents on the desks in OPEN view. unacceptable for a bank!!! i i will remove all my accounts from this bank.
Vasken Spiru 10/10/2018
Nice and polite. Useful staff
Edlira Bejko 10/12/2018
The history of this known Bank in Albania begin in year 1925.In truth even early this date in 1920 Albania Government has intermediation with representatives of Italian Government for series of economic issues, among their even for National Bank of Albania.Albania Government of that time lead from Mr Sulejman Delvina did some efforts but only in year 1925 was possible. President of that time Ahmet Zogu later King of Albania authorize with decree date15march 1925 Mr Mifit Libohova that was Financial Minister and the same time Foreign Affair Viceminister in collaboration with Mr Mario Alberti Grand Ufficiale (that in English mean Great Office) to rebuild National Bank of Albania start in Durres with capital of 12.500.000 franga ari(golden francs). A year later start the branch of this Bank in Shkoder. In years 1930-1936 was possible to rebuild the Agrarian Bank of Albania. In year 1939 Albania was occupy from Fascist Italy so all this influence bank system .In year 1943 Fascist Italy capitulate and Italian banks stop their work in 20.09.1943. In 1944 in Albania came so call Popular Power or Communist Party, they made state owned all Albania wealthy include bank system. In 1945 BKSh or National Bank of Albania was state owned. In 1969 Agrarian Bank of Albania was created like independent institution of Financial Ministry. BShSh or State Bank of Albania was taken from the Government. The new money call lek replace frangen in 1947 so in exchange 1frang was equivalent 9lek. In years later BShSh like part of State gave duty to Agrarian Bank of Albania to administrate all the financial needs like profit of cooperatives and agrarian farms.In 1976 everything was state owned in that year Mr Lefter Gogu Minister of Financial send a letter to the Prime Minister Mr Mehmet Shehu require that BShSh to leave BIS(Bank for International Settlements in Basel Switzerland). BIS declare to not leave BShSh. In 1985 BShSh was dependent from Albania Government and Agrarian Bank of Albania was dependent from Financial Ministry. In 31.07. 1991was founded Commercial Bank of Albania. Three banks that was raise in Albania like Agrarian Bank of Albania(Banka Buqesore e Shqiperis), Commercial Bank of Albania (Banka Shqipetare e Tregtis)and Saving Bank(Banka e Kursimeve) were all from the same origin Albania State Bank or(Banka e Shtetit Shqiptar). In 01.01.1993 BKT start like second level bank the activity in Albania now one of its branch is in Lushnja.
Redi Xharo 09/04/2016
Very beautiful and well preserved building. One of the first buildings after the creation of the albanian state.Must be visited !
Antonio Basha 06/14/2016
Well kept old Italian bank building

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