Il Tram

Viale Cembrano, 1r, 16147 Genova GE, Italy
  • +39 010 302 5879
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(4.2 Ratings)

Il Tram is headquartered in Liguria. The address of the Il Tram is Viale Cembrano, 1r, 16147 Genova GE, Italy.You can be contacted at: +39 010 302 5879. You can refer to a few comments below before coming to this place. There are 119 related addresses around Il Tram already listed on



Viale Cembrano, 1r, 16147 Genova GE, Italy
Place Types
+39 010 302 5879
Compound Code
9XWP+72 Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
Opening hours
Monday: Closed
Tueday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 6:00 – 10:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 6:00 – 10:30 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 6:00 – 10:30 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM, 6:00 – 10:30 PM
Saturday: 6:00 – 10:30 PM
Sunday: 6:00 – 10:30 PM


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Il Tram
Il Tram
Il Tram
Il Tram
Il Tram
Il Tram
Il Tram
Il Tram
Il Tram
Il Tram


How to contact Il Tram ?

- You can contact Il Tram by phone: +39 010 302 5879

Where is Il Tram located?

- Il Tram is located at Viale Cembrano, 1r, 16147 Genova GE, Italy

How is Il Tram rated?

- Il Tram has 4.2

What days are Il Tram open?

- Il Tram is open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

What time does Il Tram close on weekends?

- On weekends, Il Tram closes at 10:30 PM



La Chiara 05/29/2018
Excellent! Known only through just eat, it offers a varied and slightly different menu. There are always pizzas but an honorable mention goes to the "Argentine" hamburger sandwich made with a nice fresh Rosette !!! Moving! Delicious!!! The empanadas and burritos are priceless !!! Homemade and freshly made fries !! In addition to the excellent quality of the food, we congratulate you on the extreme courtesy and kindness of the staff !!! Now our favorite restaurant!
Silvano Grioli 06/05/2018
Password: QUALITY! This place offers a wide choice of pizzas, sandwiches, focaccias, desserts and much more, offering the right value for money, simple but very tasty ingredients, exceptional meats, and delicious artisan desserts (I highly recommend them), in any case if you happen to pass in front of this place, take the opportunity to stop for something to eat, you will come out of them satisfied and satisfied
Pitt Cb500x 06/04/2018
Tested 3 times! The first time my girlfriend and I out at the tables the burritos don't even know what it means! The discrete impanadas! Took 10 takeaway pizzas nothing that cold and the additional ingredients paid for were not even mentioned on the pizzas Took 4 takeaway pizzas last night, salty in an impressive way could not eat. After the third I would say enough!
Giulia Simeone 03/01/2018
Tried to take away, magnificent! A giant hamburger with excellent products, stringy cheese, thick and tasty bacon, succulent medium cooked meat. In short dinner from 10! Only note is that the chips they give you are chips (I think handmade and still very good), I would specify it on the menu. For the rest, congratulations!
Claudio 08/01/2018
Great for eating a quick pizza during lunch break or a burger. Wide selection of products, extremely courteous and helpful staff. Medium high prices. The "sandwich of the day" is very good, but since there are straccetti of meat and not hamburgers, it is difficult to eat it.

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