Marchi Dr. Giorgio

Via Molassana, 161, 16138 Genova GE, Italy
  • +39 010 835 8782
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Marchi Dr. Giorgio is headquartered in Liguria. The address of the Marchi Dr. Giorgio is Via Molassana, 161, 16138 Genova GE, Italy.You can be contacted at: +39 010 835 8782. You can refer to a few comments below before coming to this place. There are 115 related addresses around Marchi Dr. Giorgio already listed on



Via Molassana, 161, 16138 Genova GE, Italy
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+39 010 835 8782
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FX3P+RJ Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy


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How to contact Marchi Dr. Giorgio ?

- You can contact Marchi Dr. Giorgio by phone: +39 010 835 8782

Where is Marchi Dr. Giorgio located?

- Marchi Dr. Giorgio is located at Via Molassana, 161, 16138 Genova GE, Italy

How is Marchi Dr. Giorgio rated?

- Marchi Dr. Giorgio has 3

What days are Marchi Dr. Giorgio open?

- Marchi Dr. Giorgio's opening hours are being updated.



Francesca Russo 07/20/2020
Very professional and delicate doctor, although it was a Monday evening he welcomed us in a situation where our cat had been in a coma for a couple of days, he treated the animal as a person and with the same love as we owners, and accompanied at the end of life. Honest price with also the discount. Thank you
Ilaria Magini 09/16/2019
Very bad experience. An irascible and rude person, he has proven himself arrogant with little professionalism, he handles the animal with brusque ways like an object. I met Dr. Giorgio Marchi in the emergency room of the Genoese veterinary clinic at the mouth, he was on duty when I brought my cat. My cat, a 5 year old Norwegian castrated in full health and regularly vaccinated, had a cystitis attack in the morning that he returned in the morning. On the advice of an expert who could not visit him, I took him to the clinic with his urine to be analyzed, knowing that they would have to give him a check-up scan. Dr. Marchi blamed me with his bruising and unkind manners, saying that if he had cystitis it was my fault that I fed him badly (I buy the best food for him, paying no heed to it since I took him with me) He only talked to me about urinary products like a pet food representative, after which he had an x-ray (and not the echo that wouldn't have exposed him to any kind of radiation) all handling the cat like a head of lettuce saying that being the doctor decides what is best to do for the cat Later he gave him an injection under the skin of I still don't know what, given that he didn't give me any report and with a balance of 190 € he sent me home with two drugs 1 antibiotic and a painkiller for 5 days telling me that in two days there would have been urine results and in any case I would have had to go to the urinary diet in the long term ... Not only the invoice, the prescription sheet for the two drugs and a CD with the X-ray photo told me that he could not send it to me via e-mail. Once at home and opened the CD I found to my surprise that it was also empty !!! no x-ray ... no cd to burn uncut ... before sending me home he even managed to tell my cat that he is just an animal .... Judge for yourself this doctor will not say anything else it seems to me enough already ...
Ilaria Grandi 04/26/2019
Without ever a blood test he didn't notice that my dog ​​had a tumor. Unfortunately, my dog ​​has been missing, but the worst thing is that even a friend of mine has had the same problem recently. Unprofessional person!
rosy ceravolo 09/25/2020
Unable to contact him phone does not exist
Anna Bibi 06/03/2019
It fulfilled my expectations .... It will be the new Sissi veterinarian.

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