Pizzeria Arlecchin

Via Aurelia, 157, 16039 Sestri Levante GE, Italy
(4.4 Ratings)

Pizzeria Arlecchin is headquartered in Liguria. The address of the Pizzeria Arlecchin is Via Aurelia, 157, 16039 Sestri Levante GE, Italy.You can be contacted at +39 0185 479618 or find more information on their website: You can refer to a few comments below before coming to this place. There are 112 related addresses around Pizzeria Arlecchin already listed on



Via Aurelia, 157, 16039 Sestri Levante GE, Italy
Place Types
+39 0185 479618
Compound Code
7C8F+XR Sestri Levante, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
Opening hours
Monday: 6:00 – 9:30 PM
Tueday: 6:00 – 9:30 PM
Wednesday: 6:00 – 9:30 PM
Thursday: 6:00 – 9:30 PM
Friday: 6:00 – 9:30 PM
Saturday: 6:00 – 9:30 PM
Sunday: 6:00 – 9:30 PM


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Pizzeria Arlecchin
Pizzeria Arlecchin
Pizzeria Arlecchin
Pizzeria Arlecchin
Pizzeria Arlecchin
Pizzeria Arlecchin
Pizzeria Arlecchin
Pizzeria Arlecchin
Pizzeria Arlecchin
Pizzeria Arlecchin


How to contact Pizzeria Arlecchin ?

- You can contact Pizzeria Arlecchin by phone: +39 0185 479618

Where is Pizzeria Arlecchin located?

- Pizzeria Arlecchin is located at Via Aurelia, 157, 16039 Sestri Levante GE, Italy

How is Pizzeria Arlecchin rated?

- Pizzeria Arlecchin has 4.4

What days are Pizzeria Arlecchin open?

- Pizzeria Arlecchin is open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Is Pizzeria Arlecchin open on Sunday?

- On Sunday, Pizzeria Arlecchin is open at 6 00



Chris 09/03/2020
Great (vegan) Pizza 🍕
Madda Satta 08/02/2020
Ordered two vegan pizzas ... yummy !! Fast, gentle. Punctual beach home delivery, despite the guy having problems for the closed road .recommended !! after eating the vegan pizza from arlecchin for the first time we ordered a second time ... (mexican vegan pizza - mushroom cream) well , what can I say .... top !! Congratulations to the pizza maker and to those who have had the evolution of making vegan pizzas, if I could I would open harlequin where I live, because we still don't have pizzerias like this. Congratulations to all the staff ... from the girl who took delivery, to the pizza maker, to the very kind boy who brought us the pizza back to the beach. 🤗
Jose' Benitez 07/15/2020
Difficult to find vegan pizzas in this area ... from Arlechin there are ... and more excellent and with a good choice ... what more could you want?
Ornella Bosi 01/12/2020
Excellent farinata, as it must be freshly baked, soft inside and crunchy outside tima
Sam Car 03/17/2019
In more than two years, never once have they been punctual, More than once pizzas arrived cold because the bellhop did not find the door but we still continued to take the pizzas still there because it can happen, because they are well supplied in case of allergies / intolerances, but after yet another rudeness by the bellboy, delays even 50 minutes without a minimum of excuses, indeed they were still right. Moreover we are told if you want the pizzas at 19.30 (booking at 18) come and get them ... let's get there at 19.30 unprepared pizzas ... And they tell me: after these gentlemen we will do your ... We left them there minutes later ... Although we had called at 18 despite having done as they requested ... And you still hear "Oh but Madame for two minutes late can not take it, however, at 7.50 was out of here." Oppose when after 45 minutes have not arrived yet you call ... They still say that if you do not like to come and get them ... The pizzas have come raw for something else. I speak of a minimum order of 4 pizzas up to 13 each time and with at least one "special" or vegan pizza. And of orders made both in the week and on the weekend .. Too bad because at the level of special pizzas, for vegans for intolerant / allergic was well supplied.

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