Motorizzazione Civile Mantova

Via Colombo Cristoforo, 3, 46100 Valdaro MN, Italy
(1.8 Ratings)

Motorizzazione Civile Mantova is headquartered in Lombardy. The address of the Motorizzazione Civile Mantova is Via Colombo Cristoforo, 3, 46100 Valdaro MN, Italy.You can be contacted at +39 0376 302450 or find more information on their website: You can refer to a few comments below before coming to this place. There are 191 related addresses around Motorizzazione Civile Mantova already listed on



Via Colombo Cristoforo, 3, 46100 Valdaro MN, Italy
+39 0376 302450
Compound Code
4VM4+8M Valdaro, Province of Mantua, Italy


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Motorizzazione Civile Mantova
Motorizzazione Civile Mantova
Motorizzazione Civile Mantova


How to contact Motorizzazione Civile Mantova ?

- You can contact Motorizzazione Civile Mantova by phone: +39 0376 302450

Where is Motorizzazione Civile Mantova located?

- Motorizzazione Civile Mantova is located at Via Colombo Cristoforo, 3, 46100 Valdaro MN, Italy

How is Motorizzazione Civile Mantova rated?

- Motorizzazione Civile Mantova has 1.8

What days are Motorizzazione Civile Mantova open?

- Motorizzazione Civile Mantova's opening hours are being updated.



Surinder Singh (sonu) 03/01/2020
Go and try
Costantino Barberi 11/23/2020
I state ... I write the post under another profile. Mine, relating to R. Pincella, is not available. Mine is a case that I now considered desperate. 4 complaints 4 and the driving license, issued by them 20 years ago, did not arrive ... I thought it was due to the fact that domicile and residence were in different places. But it wasn't like that. Everything was transferred to ROME ... SO .... a VERY KIND, CALM, COMPETENT operator with a splendid Mantuan accent, suggested the way to go, with a wealth of advice and strategies. BUT BECAUSE WHEN SOMETHING WORKS IN ITALY, THEY TRANSFER IT TO ROME, SO WE ARE SURE IT WILL NEVER WORK AGAIN .. When the problem was under the jurisdiction of Mantua and all the documents were stolen from me ..... in fifteen days 15 keep the apparent. Now, since 2017 I have been without .... ROME, GRAZID D'ESISTERE. IF IT WASN'T BEAUTIFUL, IT WOULD BE BURNING.
Marino R. 11/10/2020
..... I'm sorry, I give up, really !!!! Last week I went to the ACI and I withdrew the original documents of the camper, I retired to the waiting race for the plate change. But I wanted to insert this little note, not for exhibition but for irony. Yesterday our CCs stopped me and as always ... please favor your driving license and registration document (Spanish license plate). Delivered, the sentence that bites the heart: - Gardi !!!! if more than a year goes by, he must change number plates or we can seize his vehicle ............. For sure, when I collected the documents of the camper, I asked the ACI employee why the plates were not changed. Incongruities, what ????? I still don't know. Europe you have to change otherwise you are useless (it is not allowed to carry out the revision in a European country) Hi guys, be optimistic Marino R.
Matteo Zanoni 11/03/2020
I have been trying to sign up my son for the license exam for a month and I can't proceed, they don't answer the phone, they say that you have to book the appointment by e-mail, I have already sent three e-mails but I don't they answer, at the reception there is an employee who does not let you enter or talk to the employees. there are the details for a complaint for total disservice. It sucks.
Andrea Bassoli 08/21/2020
Experience during COVID. Booking via email is mandatory, in my opinion a big advantage because it avoids the endless queues we were used to. A little slow in responding to give the appointment (2 weeks), but all in all since it is August and some of the staff are on vacation, acceptable. Very helpful, fast and attentive staff at the driver's license desk. I don't know if it was luck or if all the days take place with this peace, but if so, I advise the civil motorization of Mantua to keep the COVID procedures.

Local government office at Lombardy

46100 Mantua, Province of Mantua, Italy
Via dei Toscani, 1, 46100 Mantova MN, Italy
25084 Gargnano, Province of Brescia, Italy
25080 Piovere, Province of Brescia, Italy
Via Don Giuseppe Andreoli, 20158 Milano MI, Italy