Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU

Demkaweg 40, 3555 HW Utrecht, Netherlands
(4 Ratings)

Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU is headquartered in Utrecht. The address of the Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU is Demkaweg 40, 3555 HW Utrecht, Netherlands.You can be contacted at +31 30 205 4444 or find more information on their website: You can refer to a few comments below before coming to this place. There are 327 related addresses around Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU already listed on



Demkaweg 40, 3555 HW Utrecht, Netherlands
Place Types
+31 30 205 4444
Compound Code
436H+57 Utrecht, Netherlands
Opening hours
Monday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tueday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: Closed


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Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU
Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU
Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU
Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU
Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU
Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU
Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU
Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU
Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU
Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU


How to contact Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU ?

- You can contact Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU by phone: +31 30 205 4444

Where is Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU located?

- Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU is located at Demkaweg 40, 3555 HW Utrecht, Netherlands

How is Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU rated?

- Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU has 4

What days are Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU open?

- Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU is open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

What time does Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU close on weekends?

- Verhuisbedrijf Utrecht VBU is not open on Sunday



Sergey Moroz 11/19/2020
In short: good price but VERY BAD at solving problems occurred due to their own errors. I totally do not recommend them. These guys give you a good price. But when something goes wrong like in my case it will take you months (6 months in my case) and a lot of efforts to fix the problem caused by the damage occurred during the moving. * I had to find the company on my own that will fix the damage that was done to my house during the moving operation by this company employees. * I had to negotiate with the contractor doing the repair on my own, because these guys were unable to come to an agreement. * finally I had to firstly collect the money from them on my own and pay to contractor myself because they were unable to do so.
Benjamin Bouchet 11/28/2020
I believe that based on my estimated volume (16m3), the office could have helped me a bit better refining the original quote and go from 3 to 2 movers (a friend of mine used VBU one year ago, recommended them highly, but for similar volume - 1st stair/no elevator - drive from Utrecht to Maastricht, they were quoted 2 movers and they handled it very well without a 3rd one). The guys were 20 min late, but the office called to check on this. Once on location, super friendly and fast service. 1st-stair-to-1st-stair move with no elevator & drive from Utrecht to Maastricht. Delicate with the furniture, including the heavy stuff (piano), and very polite staff. Final invoice explanations were transparent and in line with the quote - 5% discount applied after Facebook Liking - easy App-based internet banking, so no need for cash. Special mention to Qshans and his 2 colleagues. Recommended service!
Chirlmin Joo 11/23/2017
Professional, friendly, fast. I highly recommend.
Tineke Schuurman 02/09/2021
Great moving company, friendly guys and everything is moved smoothly and neatly, a must for anyone who is moving
Peter Bronsgeest 07/23/2020
The reviews on review sites are unreliable. The movers ask you to dictate and sign a review on the spot. Then it is not easy to be honest and critical. They take long smoking and red bull breaks without notice, the clock just keeps on running. They do not abide by the corona rules.

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